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Phone803-226-0008  for Aiken, SC or 443-531-1069 for Baltimore, MD | Email: [email protected]  

About Us

You may request free estimates from us. If you have any feedback or inquiries, please call or email us today.

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Our Mission: 

To serve our customers with the best tree care possible.

We are in the business of making your tree job easy.

Our Vision: 

To be a team of integrityexcellence and stewardship.

We seek ways of doing more with less and maximizing value for our customers.

Our Purpose: 

Our purpose is to serve God, our families, our country, and our customers while being guided by Biblical principles, embracing integrity, honesty, strength of character, fairness and respect.

Quality Tree Care in 

Baltimore, Maryland and Aiken County, South Carolina

Joshua Dixon is an engineer turned tree guy.

A devout Christ follower, he believes it all starts with the cross. This is reflected in the name "Trevival," which comes from a Christian revival. He is married to his wonderful wife, Jessica, of 14 years and has five beautiful children.

When Josh isn't engineering something or climbing trees you can find him doing various martial arts with his children for fun.

Josh recently moved to Aiken, South Carolina from Baltimore to be closer to family. He started a Trevival Tree Services location in Aiken serving  Aiken and the surrounding areas. The crew up north stayed in Baltimore and is being run by his business partner Jerrid Price and estimator Tim Buker. 

Jerrid Price is Josh's business partner and is an expert tree guy.

He has over 15 years experience in all aspects of the tree industry. From bucket truck work, to difficult takedowns, he makes it all look easy. There is no person better this side of the Mississippi at running a tree job.

He runs Trevival Tree Services' Baltimore operations.

Jerrid has a wife and three kids. When he isn't directing the crew on a monster takedown he likes to ride ATV's, bicycles, and play basketball with his kids.

Tim Buker is an estimator with Trevival Tree Services.

He comes from the landscape industry and now does estimating, marketing, and a host of other stuff for the Baltimore location. 

Tim is a Christ follower.

Tim makes time for church, bible study, and puzzles!