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Aiken, SC    Phone803-226-0008    |    Email: [email protected]  


What you are going to find with most tree services is that they feel that they have done a good job when the tree or limbs are safely on the ground. Not much attention is paid to cleanup.

After a short time in this business, I quickly realized that no matter how dangerous the job was, I would be judged by my finished cleanup. I thought at the time that this was a bit unfair since I could do the really tricky and dangerous stuff that my competitors were afraid of. From that time on I decided to build my business not only on skill and safety, but also on immaculate cleanup.

Great care is taken to get everything up, not only in the yard but also the small twigs in the beds. As owner I am always there during two phases of the job; during the dangerous stuff and during the final cleanup. During the cleanup phase we also use blowers for sidewalks and driveways and we even blow off the street.

The last thing we do before we load up and go is to move up each piece of equipment a little ways and clean up any small debris that may have been hidden under it; only then do we consider the job finished.