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Aiken, SC    Phone803-226-0008    |    Email: [email protected]  

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Check out the work we’ve accomplished at Trevival Tree Services. You can trust us to provide quality tree care services in Baltimore, Maryland and Aiken, South Carolina.

Directional Felling Cut

Dragging Brush

Lowering Large Limb

Two Leads Down, Two To Go

Large Pine Being Felled by Trevival Tree Services

Pine Brush

Large Dead Oak

Felled Dead Oak

Cleaned Up Oak

Dead Pine With Back Lean Toward House

Clearing The Brush

Felled Pine

Setting Up A Pulley System

2:1 Pulley System

Dead Pine Felled Against The Back Lean

Felled Dead Pine

Big Dead Pine Felled

Bucket Work

Bucket Work

Crane Work

Crane Work

Can you spot both climbers?

Electric Loader

This Saw Kicks Gas

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